Niqab and Niqaabis

All praise is due to Allah (SWT), the Cherisher and Nourisher (Rabb) of the entire Universe and may peace and blessing be upon His beloved Messenger, Muhammad (SAW) who is his last prophet.

This Web Page is designed to help remove some of the misconceptions and prejudices about niqab and niqaabis. It is a place where I hope Niqaabis will feel free to exchange views and experiences, and to talk to one another freely.

Also, as a niqaabi myself, I hope that fellow Muslimahs and Muslims will learn something from these pages. I would not be so presumptuous as to say to Sisters who wear other forms of Hijab that you are wrong in how you dress. I respect your choice, just as I hope that you respect mine. But I hope that some may read these pages and then search their consciences and open their hearts to the Will of Almighty Allah through prayer. That's all I can ask of my sisters..


Niqab? Why Niqab?

The Most Holy Qur'an and Hadith. Why niqab and covering-up is fard (religious obligation) for muslimahs

Why, why, why? Questions and answers about niqab, niqaabis, and covering-up

Yes, I am a Niqaabi.


Personal testimonies from sisters who do cover-up

A Chat Room for Niqaabis

Message Board for EVERYONE


Links about Niqaab and Niqaabis

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Clearly the Niqaab

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Brother Uthman Ibn Farooq for all his help in contructing this page. Without his assistance it would have remained a mere dream. That he should live in San Diego, and I in England - half a world apart - shows how the Power of Almighty Allah draws his children together in the most unlikely ways.
---- Amina S.

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Last Updated on 15 May 1999