Yes, I am a Niqaabi !

I have asked a few friends who wear niqaab to say something about themselves. These are their testimonies, uncut and unedited. All I asked was that they say who they are and where they live. After that, they have written what they wished. Enjoy !


My name is Aishah. I am a 24 year-old student, who is taking a Sabbatical before going onto Post-graduate work at a university in Malaysia.

When Sister Amina asked me to write something about myself for her site, I thought it was not a good idea as I am just an ordinary muslim who normally works quite hard, hangs out with friends - females ones - and tries to live a decent life. Boring in other words.

I come from a not specially religious family and no one made me veil my face. It was what I wanted to do, and I had to persuade my family it was no silly juvenile fancy, but an adult decision come to from what I had read and seen. The proofs I used to convince myself are shown somewhere else here so I won't take up time by telling them all again. All I will say is that I was 16 when I first wore niqaab and since then its a natural part of my life and something which I think is right for me.

My friends also veil and its something which is firmly established here. I am lucky to be living in an Islamic country but it is not always easy to veil fully. But that is a good test for my commitment to Islam. Wearing niqab, :: I also veil my eyes and wear gloves:: I feel that I am doing what Allah the Ever Merciful wishes me to do. I am content like this and I pray that my husband when we get married, insh Allah, will wish me to continue veiling after we are married. I don't think I could wed a man who would not let me continue veiled. Fortunately young men seem to like niqaabis for wives. But that was NOT reason for my veiling.

I feel good about wearing this form of hijab. I would never want to lose it until I am old, as I prefer it this way after so long wearing full veils. Insh Allah, I will do that for many years to come.

Bon Jour. Je suis Mira.

I hope you forgive my English writing which is not good yet. I am just married and I am 19. I live in South France and my parents are from Algerie. I first wore a light veil over my head when I was 6 maybe 7. At 11 my Mama allowed me to wear niqab out side but I had to take it off at school. I must say I really pestered her to let me wear that niqab but she made me wait until she said I was old enough. France schools do not like hijab and niqab less. I was 16 when I wore veils over my eyes as well and then I left school and helped my mother who makes wonderful embroidery for the fashion houses in Paris. I have found men leave me alone when I am fully veiled. Befor niqaab when I had hijab and head scarf I was always being pested by men, But they dont like veiled girls. They might saw something nasty but that all. Ordinary I get left alone and that is good.

Three months ago I wed a distant cousin who was chosen for me but who I agreed to. He was very brave as he never saw me until our wedding. At least I saw him round the curtain. He is a very nice man and trains to be an imam in the end. We are going to Egypt next year so he can go to the AlAhazar for his studies.

We both agree that niqaab is right and I would not have married a man who did not think it. So we agree which is great. I am very happy as I work with my mother and live next apartment to her with my husband. I have always wished to be Niqaabi since I was a little girl and learnt why I should veil. My parents did not feel strong about it, so I had to learn the reasons to convince them I was right. I think I was very bossy little girl.......... My life is good and I praise Allah for his Kindness to me and everyone

AsalaamuAlaikum to all readers of Sister Amina's Web Site. I hope you learn from it and that it may inspire some sisters to look at how they dress. My name's Sayyideh and I made my submission to Allah the Compassionate, the All Knowing, eight years ago. I am Swedish but I live in England where I care for my husband and my two little boys. I wanted to say why I believe that I am doing the RIGHT thing in covering-up completely but Sister Amina says there will be a big article on the various reasons in the Quran and Hadith why we became niqaabis. I took me quite a time after shahada to decide I had to cover-up completely. In fact until after my first baby was born. (I now have a daughter and a son) But it was so very good when I did come to believe that it was fard. Saying that, I don't want other sisters to think I am saying they are wrong if they don't cover-up.

My decision was very very personal but it is the right one for me, I know. I was worried what my kids would say about having a Mum who was invisible for some of the time. But my oldest daughter who is nearly 6 is already wanting to dress as I do. She is too young to understand why I see it as my obligation, but I will tell her when she can understand. If, when she is older and understands fully, then we will talk about when she can wear niqab.

My husband approves completely of all this. He says he is proud that he has a wife who is Niqaabi. Dressing like this can be a bit tricky at times but it is the only way for me, and I am so pleased that I decided to do so.


(I have several more testimonies, and I hope to rotate them, so that more sisters can introduce themselves to you, and can explain why they are niqaabis.)

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